Monday, 28 January 2008

Brighton part A

Well here is my attempt to justify a bad month's set of results. I set off for the brighton Gukpt festival week with high hopes. Having qualified for the main event via a 100 dollar satt with expenses included, I felt little could be lost either financhally or emotionally on the week. How wrong i was! Arriving into a wet and windy brighton i was greeted by a rather creeky old fashioned hotel with huge stairs and no working lift. Quickly finding the bar i met a friend from the carribbean poker classic Mike, for a quick beer. Then another mate Paul also showed up along with a friend of his and we headed for the casino. To say the cardroom was somewhat of a disapointment would not be an exaggeration. Compared to the grovesnors i had visited before in London, Luton and Blackpool this was extremely cramped. No matter, i was here to win money and enjoy the onto the first event.
Monday's 100 pound double freezeout was so popular it sold out. A cracking little structure meant nothing to me when i severely over played my queens departing in the first level. I even think i was the first one out-how wonderful. I consoled myself with the promise that the week could only improve. Unfortunately i was only slightly correct. Tuesday's 2 day event was the superbly structured £300 f/o and went little better. I believe i lasted a couple of levels more than on monday yet the ladies again let me down, although this time i got my money in on the flop well in front, only to be outdrawn. Wednesday was a £200 f/o and it went so well and fast i have forgotten how i met my demise, suffice to say it wasn't my greatest performance. However a friend of mine actually won the event, of course not one i had a share in, but nontheless i was pleased for him.
As i continuously found myself having to wait for friends going deeper in events than i was, i had to find something to occupy my time. I had sworn myself off house games such as blackjack so i played some cash. That was not exactly a great idea, although i did have a great time. Alcohol can be a nice thing to share with new 'friends' at cash tables as i feel it loosens everybody up a bit. Which without improving my cash results, makes the experience a whole lot more bearable. Anyone that knows me will say i am not the greatest cash player in the world. I bluff far too much and make ill advised tournament esque moves. A fair few quid lost on the week to the odd shark or two has convinced me to retire as a cash player until i can learn the basics...dont bluff too much

Thursady brought day 1a and my starting day. Looking at my starting table i was most dipleased to see Nick persaud and Ryan fronda, although at least i knew what to expect from them. Ryan was super aggressive as usual eventually busting quite early, while Nick put on a masterclass on my table and final tabled the event finishing in 6th. He is a superb player who will win a big one soon, of that i have no doubt. As for me i was totally card dead all tournament, queens appearing just once in the days play-my only premium hand. Having said that i didnt exactly play well. At one stage i made a pretty appaulling bluff pot committing myself against a short stack on a low board. I held ace high with a 4 kicker, he held aces. Amazingly i managed to last until midnight due to doubling up by blindly pushing allin from late position when short stacked and recieving some strange calls from opponents. My exit was quite emabarrasing in truth. I held 12k in the big blind when the average was about 30k odd. The blinds i believe were 300-600 with 100 antes and with 3 minutes of the days penultimate level left. A hugely stacked LAG raised to 1600 utg. I held a4 off but was getting about 7/2 on the call with all the dead money in the pot. I suspected he was steaming as he had just been taken to school by a certain Mr thew (I think he did quite well in the tournament)-who had completely outclassed him in a hand. I actually believed i was ahead and perhaps should have pushed if i felt this. But i called to see a flop. It came down ace,queen,ten rainbow. I decided i would check raise all in depending on his continuation bet-which i was certain he would make. However his tiny 1600 bet confused me, it seemed like a bet that wanted a raise. I didnt like it at all. So i decided to call and keep the pot small and determine what action to take on the next street at the time. As the king fell down i immediately decided i could either represent the jack or check fold. Not wanting to carry on with a bowl of rice i pushed. An immediate call and a flopped straight with king jack left me rather red faced. I don't particularly like the way i played the hand but cannot grumble afterwards. I've thought about it in detail and think i played the hand far too weakly out of position until the turn. Will continue with the brighton report tmrw.....

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Welcome all...

Hopefully all that enjoyed reading my somewhat infrequent recollections of my poker adventures will have followed me over here. I'll post a detailed update on my experience at the brighton Gukpt and my thoughts on the following month of poker i have planned. Will do tmrw...probably :)