Tuesday, 30 December 2008

2008 Review

Here's a brief month by month assesment of the year from my perspective:


Went to brighton for the gukpt festival week. Stayed in possibly the coldest hotel ever, and cashed only once in a rebuy event down the rendevous. Probbaly enjoyed the social side of the tour more than the poker finishing down quite a bit.

Online things went ok with a cple of sat wins, but overall nothing spectacular.

Cant remember much else from jan.

Went to walsall for gukpt week with no success whatsoever. Played poorly all week and drank far too much. (pattern appearing for those observant)

Also had a much needed break in lanzarote with the gf, capped by spurs winning the league cup i had a wicked time.


Had a nice score down the empire in a 500 event for a few k. It was really appreciated as things hadn't been going great in the year so far.

Gukpt week in the vic was another bad week for moi.

Online things were just average.

May have been to dtd this month but can't remember any worthwile results, was starting to really like that place by now though.


This month was kinda crazy. Went to dtd for the norweigan poker champs, i can still remember the hangover(s). Great week even if pokerwise a non starter.

Played my first Gala events in nottingham and cashed twice. The main event was a sickener though when i really threw away a chance of a great score by letting my ego get in the way, still was very happy for mr keys with his 2nd place.

The mad poker month concluded with manchester gukpt week. I played very badly this week and again enjoyed the social side of the tour a bit too much, still had a great time.


This was a real grind of a month online. Spent countless hours trying to qualify for the wsop main event online(unsucessfully), playing stt's and mtt's all day long to build a decent roll for vegas. Managed to fit in a week in newcastle for the gukpt week which passed by again without success. Had a minor cash at the gutshot festival and won a live sat there for a small wsop package which i sold.


Managed to take down the 100 rebuy on stars in a chop, which helped boost my vegas roll.

Vegas was everything it always is, and i more or less loved it. Just wished id played a bit better. Did a couple of chops in smaller events but left my A game truely at home in the bigger ones when i played badly tbh. 5 weeks was a bit much perma in a hotel and im not sure id do that again. Won a last min wsop sat which was a real bonus. Playing the main for the 3rd year running meant a lot to me. Getting to day 2 with a reasonable stack was gr8, my day2 performance still hurts.

Made some good friends over there though and i still miss the place. Roll on june 09.


Luton gukpt week went badly, played horribly in the main event and my game was in a real crisis of confidence. Bankroll wise i was struggling too. For the first time in a while i wondered if poker was right for me.

Gutshot's last festival week was enjoyable without any results.


Wsope main event went well on day 1 with me bluffing joe hachem and getting a nice enough stack. Day2 was a disaster from the get go, i just cldnt stop bluffing and was getting picked off easily enough. I am determined to play better in this next year, i want another big ft, and why not this one again?

Gave the gukpt bolton a miss, the first one id missed in months, but a rest was nice.


Failed to sat into the ept london which hurt and also had to miss the thanet gukpt due to roll reasons. A very quiet month pokerwise spent mainly online with mixed results, things were def a little stale.


Flew to miami for the cpc cruise and had a great time, poker and a holiday rolled into one is always goooooood. No real results on the boat, but my game was better than ever imo. Confidence was back.


This month has flown by. The luton cash at the start of the month was as important to me in someways as the Wsope 07 result. Moneywise it was just as important, and confirming my newfound confidence was vital. Live poker has def got my juices flowing again.

Also this monnth confirmed to me what i already knew, that i need to stop boozing so much. So in the new year im gonna have some serious time on the wagon and def hit the gym a great deal. Lifestyle choices are going to be made in more detail. I may even get a real job next year, if only to learn the real value of money again.

Laters peeps,


Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Happy xmas...

As the title says, happy christmas everybody.

Next week i'm going to do a month by month review of this year, should be a interesting read-especially for me!

I'm currently about to go last minute shopping...as always very well prepared in my household.

Laters peeps,


Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Ty betfair

My post from the 7th of december has been put on the betting@betfair site. The link has now replaced the majority of that post...to see my ugly mug and the rest of the post just click on the 'read more' link from that date. Though i'm sure 'both' of you that read this blog will have already read the post. Oh well! :)

Laters peeps


Friday, 12 December 2008

Seaside adventure...

It must be something to do with the sea, first miami and the caribbean...then brighton. Yeah right the only comparison is that i played poker both times.

I've just come back from a trip to brighton yesterday for a 100 f/o. While high flyers on the circuit are larging it up in prague for the EPT i'm slumming it in the bargain basement tournies, still this should teach me some roll lessons i sorely need.

Heard about this tournie at the last minute, brighton grovesnor have a mini winter festival this week, nice enough structures with a standard of play i shall describe as just not very damn good.

A 30 min clock with 10k starting stack, this gave a nice bit of play early on, although the antes kicked in very late. Rocks, rocks, rocks, yeah you'll find them on brighton beach, here i had them on my starting table. So i decided to get jiggy early on playing 90 percent of the hands in the first couple of levels, meeting little resistance. I should have accumulated a huge stack early doors, but i bluffed the wrong guy a cple of times too many.

One amusing hand occured early on with an old cirucit know it all. He allowed me to get in cheap on the button when i flatted the coff pre rse with kj. Old circuit obv had a large hand pre in the bb but didn't raise after a big dwell as he wanted to trap me, oop 3 handed...beautiful. Think he had queens actually.

Anyway flop came down q102 giving me an up and down, oldie checks, coff cbets, i flat, oldie more or less min raises, coff folds and i flat. Turn brings a blank, there was also a heart flush draw out there on the flop. He checks, lovely i check too, river brings me the bingo,lingo, nutz non heart 9 and oldie checks again. Now i know this guy is 'trap checking' 100 percent honestly hes that bad. Obv ive been betting A LOT. So i fire out the pot knowing he'll insta/even rr with his o/pr set hes played horribly. True enough he goes to shove, then thinks better and just flats, nutz i claim and off he starts...

He berates me for my flat of his raise on the flop, what a terrible call bla bla...
Unfortunately i rise to his bait and try to educate him, eventually realising...he doesn't understand odds etc...so no matter move on. Not with me though, i give as good as i get oops....table now on tilt...lovely :)

I had one or two beers while playing and boosted my argument quto even past it's usual 2-3 line. So from now on i aint drinking booze whilst playing for a good while. Simple. I'm now mr soft drink at the tables.

In the tournament i lost huge pot early on for the mass chip lead with jj v ak ak and 9s, ace first out. Bowl of rice turned into a stack again tho and i was vul to lose aanother monster pot in blind v blind making a good call with aj v the huge q4...golden qq on flop.

Hopefully be back in brighton for gukpt next month, and one of these days ill talk about something interesting in this blog...yawn im even boring myself...

Laters peeps,


Sunday, 7 December 2008

Wow.....a result

It's 330am right now and i just can't sleep, so thought i'd blog a bit. I've finally had a result on the live poker scene once again. It came about most unexpectedly too, which made it all the sweeter.


Saturday, 29 November 2008

Need to blog...

Well i meant to do a huge blog the other day all about the cpc and how stuff is for me right now. But i just haven't been able to do it. This freezing weather is zapping all energy i have and i am just ultra lazy right now....big change there then. Thus this will be another shortie, one of these days i'll get round to a proper 'deep' blog, even with piccys and stuff...but who knows when.

I was down the international the other night. Played the 50 quid 20 min clock f/o. Felt the structure got a bit shooty and you just gotta win flips all day long to get to the ft, i didnt and thus busted midway-no probs. What was a problem was my angry reaction to a young kid giving me a rub down after i'd lost a flip to him. Berating me for my call this fish decided to state what a great player he was and how bad i was, in a most eloquent manner of course. Sarcasm alert.

This sorta thing is something i've seen time and time again in much bigger tournies, and from more intimidating foes. Here i should have just brushed it aside even encouraging his ill informed opinion- why educate the thick and all? Except here i launched into my own tirade telling him to shut up and how dare he give me a rub down etc. I went OTT and displayed to myself why right now poker aint going great. Like i said to a friend of mine recently, i think of my game as part rolls royce and part skoda- scattered about all over the place. This was def the latter.

Small sports betting mention to end with.

Looking 4ward to united/city and chelsea arsenal tmrw, fancy the draw in both actually. If just one comes in profit, if both....partytime! :)

Laters peeps,


Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Back home

Well i expected it to be cold but to say i felt it was icey would be the understatement of the year. Ok i kinda shouldn't have waltzed around london with my flip flops and dolph jumper (no coat)...i mean it aint the caribbean now is it?? Boo.

The flight back was ok, managed some much needed kip while also finally watching the batman film starring heath ledger. Was very impressed by him-god it's sad he died so young. However, wasn't hugely impressed by the film as a whole, finding it very confusing in parts.

I want to do a huge and i mean huge blog on stuff, but need some more sleep now, tmrw 4 sure.

Laters peeps.

A very tired Dom.

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Quick update...

Ok i'm back in miami after the cruise. Flying home tmrw after an up and down week. I'm looking 4wrad to seeing my gf and home again, but i'll miss a few things like the weather.

Pokerwise things didn't go great. I managed to sat into the main event yet busted that in 38th shy of the money-19 places paid, and that was the closest i really came all week to a score. Until the last two events i'd been so card dead it was an absolute joke. Yet i'd played better than i had in months, getting my money in pretty good mostly and generally getting spewed on by the deck. For example i busted the 400 event after c betting then 4 betting allin a 10 high flushing flop with an up/down strt flush draw, recieving a dubious call from 107 by the bb defender, of crse i missed, standard.

However, the first hour or so of the main event went swimmingly until my table was broke, this kinda semi tilted me. The dynamic of my original table had been so good i'd quickly accumulated without breaking sweat. My new table was much tougher and i found cards like j3 repeatedly difficult to play.

My exit hand was a real weird one and i'll talk about it next post, quite sure a few ppl will call me fishy 4 playing it, but i had reasons.

The final 1k event was something i'd rather forget. Within an hour or so i must have held the chip lead with about dble the average and a flow going soooooooooo good. Concentration was soon broken AGAIN by a table break (something i just have to get over and used to asap) and i got involved with 57 std when i really shouldn't have, and although i came close to winning a huge pot with it, i was nearly felted by it when my oppo hit the river. His play was fine and actually good, mine was stubborn and too laggy 4 the structure and my stack.

Soon busted that and the poker was over for the week. And possibly for a long time.

Went to the dolphs pats game today, was great. I'll blog next when bk on tues, laters peeps.


Monday, 17 November 2008

CPC update

Gotta be quick here peeps, internet costs about $1000 a minute. Actually seriously the cheapest package/rip off is $55 for 2 and a half hours.

Played the $270 super sat to the main event last night. With around 100 runners, and a strange $100 rebuy/add on thing going on it generated 16 seats. I played pretty well despite being card dead all night, eventually busting in 23rd at 4am, oh well.

Woke up early today for a bit of brekkie b4 the $300 midday fare. Here i struggled with the delights of 62 and j3 b4 hitting a kqq board with qj. All the money went in with my oppo holding aq, gg wp etc.

Tonight sees the $400 jobbie, will give that a crack, and i can categorically confirm i will win this. Serriously i'm that confident. Reads are going well, got the flow going, now if i could just catch some cards...

As for the ship it's kinda cool. Felt a bit sea sick last night as i adjusted to the the choppy movement of the boat, but it's all good.

Weather wasn't great today, but im sure puerto rico tmrw will be boiling. Hi to all bk home in sunny england. :)

Laters peeps,


Saturday, 15 November 2008

Welcome to miami...

Yep i'm in the USA waiting to hop on the CPC cruise tmrw, and ruddy well looking 4ward to it too.

Miami is warm, extremely warm, especially when you are used to the cold dreary london weather.

Arrived on friday only to be delayed yet again due to my 'fingerprint' issue which always occurs. It's so lol i won't even bother with the story, most mates kno this story anyway.

Then we jumped in a cab 4 the short ride to the days inn hotel, home 4 the next coupla days. 20 minutes later after driving around in circles, and 40 bucks poorer, i realised we'd been conned by a right ol' scoundral. Typical beats!

Today i bought a pair of trainers for 15 bucks, reebok too-nice. Tonight i'm thinking of watching the brock lesnar ufc fight over a cold beer. Then tmrw it's the cpc.

Really looking forward to getting on the boat and seeing the high seas. Will try and update on progress.

Laters peeps,


Friday, 31 October 2008

Bad month...

Well October hasn't exactly been a great month for me. Have struggled with form and the breaks just haven't gone for me. I think when you are playing bad you need that bit of luck, when you are neither playing well nor running well....ahem.

It's probably a delayed hangover from vegas and partly the WSOPE too. Confidence is SO SO important with me in poker and sports trading. I know it's a bit silly, especially as both formats lead to math based approaches, something i'm good with, i just guess it's all psychological.

Funny hands this month involve people calling allins on flop with two unders to my overpair and hitting strange combo draws that don't even appear possible untill close inspection. This one made me laugh.

I got it all in with queens on a j27 board. It was a sit and go with me and my oopponent deep stacked. I'd raised pre with ladies, got a call. Flop came down as mentioned, rainbow. I bet, he 3 bet, i shoved, he insta called-he was by no mean committed. His hand? 35 off suit. Turn 6, river 4-he makes a straight. Lol.

Having said that, it's not like i haven't been playing badly too, tho obv not quite as bad as that. My problems have been when i go mega deep and throw away huge chip leads as usual.

The other day for example. I have 63 in the bb. Laggy fishy mid pos in 6 max limps. I check. We have 30 left in this mtt and i'm chip daddy, but the blinds are getting big. Flop comes k63. I know this guy will bet if i check so i do, he complies and i check raise his. He insta calls, i'm pretty certain i up against k* now.

Turn brings the jack, i'm not crazy about this card as i felt it could have filled up his 2 pair but i bet anyway to keep control of the pot. He dwells for ages and finally calls.

River comes a blank like a 8. I now am not sure i have the best hand, i'm thinking if he had kj he rr's the turn but i'm also wondering if he did this to confuse me...and thus extract most value. There weren't any obv draws out there, and nothing filled on the river. So now i think i should check and see whet he does, i mean i have bottom two, hardly the nuts, nah i'll stick him in. He insta's with top two and i cripple myself.

Ended up bubbling that when an UBER donk manged to overplay q4 something chronic cracking my jacks.

Ooop kinda turned into a bad beat write up, but it's not that at all, i'm just wondering out loud why i always seem to get myself in these situations. I think bad street plays could be the answer. Back to the drawing board.

Taking some much needed time off poker for a cple of weeks anyway and going to do loadsa sports research. So my next blog may be all about that.

On a side note my last blog gave a pretty bad tip at the end of it, so i'll try and improve on it this time.

Laters peeps,


Ps- I fancy spurs at about 3-1 to beat liverpool, may be biased here, but the confidence is back and i can really see us turning them over. Also may lay the pool on the win market if they r anywhere near the 11-10 books price.

Friday, 17 October 2008

Long time no post...

Just realised it's been over a week since my last post, quite unlike me, i normally manage one blog a week.How superb of me. Seriously i've wanted to blog about stuff, but as i said last time out, i just haven't been able to. So what's been going on?

Not much really. Been a huge grind online the last week and really a tiring one. I've lowered my stakes due to roll restrictions and therefore instead of my usual 10-20 mtt's a session, costing near on a grand on occasion, i'm playing less tournies...with lower stakes. A normal tournie at the moment is the $30 rebuy on full tilt,and the numerous £20 crypto mtt's i used to literally win all the time.

Unfortunately full tilt has been it's usual...get the chip lead and donk it off staple dom diet, while crpto has been more fruitful. In two days i played like 8 or 9 mtt's. I final tabled 4 of them and although i didn't win once, i made a nice enough profit to warrant the grind in low stakes.

The structures aren't terrible, loadsa play early on, dead easy to accumulate, just gets a bit shooty near the final table, and then it can get really really crapshooty...my speciality!

If i'm honest i'd say again i shoulda made a few k this weak, but my meagre 4 figure profit will do in terms of a confidence booster...small acorns and all that. As i write i realise most of what i say in each blog is the same. Whine about money, poker and even whine about whining....i'm even doing it now for god's sake!

So from this moment onwards i'll be more positive, and will start to analyse hands more, in fact i'll start with one from the Wsope now, and one from last nite in an mtt...just for fun.

This years's Wsope really was an eye opener for my poker game. It showed me once again how little a difference there is between us mere 'mortals' and the so called 'big name pro's'. Most of the players i found to be my toughest opponents were online players, and i like to think i can play pretty good online...but this was live.

Okay so hand analysis time...

My main gripe (bar a horrible semi-bluff i'll recap in another blog) over my Wsope performance was my inability to extract the most chips from my premium holdings, and when i say that i don't mean aces, i mean when i turned straights and hit set's. I clearly 'overplayed' them, and here's an example. This isn't a key hand in this tournament, just something that i seem to do a great deal-playing too fast on rivers.

Day 1.

Second level i think, blinds 1-200.

On the button in multi limped pot I flop an up and down, holding j10 suited, Flop was q92 rainbow, i didn't have the backdoor flush draw. It's checked round to moi and i bet half the pot (600), and am check raised by the bb(2k), every1 folds bar me who flats obv.

He's a mid to late 20's scandi who plays pretty TAG as far as i've seen so far-although later on he got very LAG from the button constantly 3 betting, so he could have been on a move here, but at the time i genuinely believed he had a hand here, minimum jq, poss deuces as it was a limped pot with me on the btn and him in the bb. Turn comes the gin card...king..still rainbow.

He cleverly checks and i bet out, i don't like checking here as i think a lot of the time it gives away my hand. I prefer a bet, as if i was floating.Also i want him to check raise again-although i know this is highly unlikely. I also have to build the pot...pretty standard i'd say. I bet about half the pot (2500) and he insta calls and the river brings a rag that dsnt pair the board, i have the nuts.

Now this is a pretty big pot in relation to the blinds and obv i'm hoping he'll bet. But he doesn't and with say 10k in there and with us both having about 15-20k back and blinds at 100-200, i size up how much to bet. So i think about it. If i bet small, say 3kish i'll almost certainly get a call from any set, any overpair and 2 pair. But i think he'll fold moderate holdings here as i've shown strength by staying around after being 3 bet and leading the turn.

Yet if he calls the turn with these hands he would call a value bet on the river surely...the odds being huge and all. But i kept thinking if he's really good, he might be able to fold anything bar a set, even two pair, tho not kq to a value bet. Again an example of me 'overthinking' a rather easy situation. I should have just value betted, if he had air he folds or ck raises the turn.

What i'm really thinking now is an overbet might get a call here. I know how these players often think, as i think i play his hand similarly on occasion-especially if he has q9 or kq which i'd actually suspected on the turn. So i bet about 8500 hoping he'll see my play as a stubborn float and highly suspicious overbet and thus make a hero call, it happens online all the time right??!!

However he folds after a short dwell. Wasn't a key hand really, and i ended the day on 50k after few scares,i just think it's a hand representative of me not extracting enough from such a situation. It's a leak in my live game perhaps and worth noting.

Just to illustrate on day 2 almost exactly the same hand occurred, this time against a much tougher opponent, again with me holding the nuts, again i overbet the river and received no call. I think in both cases my opponent had a hand that snaps a value bet, and it's irritated me a bit, but hey closure is here.

Lastly here's a hand from a £30 rebuy on crypto i played and final tabled last night. First prize is £3.3k and a CPC trip worth $5k. 2nd is £2.2k, and third is £1100, 6th is £550. Basically, this tournie is massively top heavy and with 6 left i'm second in chips with 155k. Leader has 170k and average is about 110k, with the two shorties on about 50k.

Yeah it's become a bit shooty and blinds have just been raised to 4k-8k, with an ante of 500 or so and 15 minute levels. The average m is just 6 or 7. It's kind of push or fold, although i've been stealing a great deal makiing rss of under 2.5x the bb and finding little resistance. Of the other players on the table only 1 or 2 know what they are doing, unfortunately they happen to be the other 2 chip daddies. Okay so onto the hand.

Button(3rd in chips with 140k) rss to 24k, he's pretty agg from late pos, but normally merely doubles the blinds, something stinks a little bit. I'm sitting in the small with aq std. What's my move. If i flat i have 130k left and can see a flop before i decide to commit, after all my m is 10 and im not yet in push mode. Seeing as the raiser is one of the better players do i really need to flip with him? Much better to see the flop and decide then? Nah i think, my hand is huge in this spot and after about 1.5 seconds consideration i shove, he insta's and turns over 10s which hold. Now i'm crippled and my 7s lose to aj very next hand. I know it's just a small tournie with a top heavy pay structure, but still is it the right move, i'm not sure-maybe i've been watching too much phil hellmuth though if i'm questioning this.

It's a tendency to shove alll in which has cost me big style over the years, i'm sure ppl wait for my 'sqze move' to pick off and win the flip they want. Anyway as i write about this last hand it kind of convinces me in that tournie it's the standard correct play, trouble is it's again representative of losing flips in much bigger final tables when i've just won a bowl.

Wow i've really droned on so i'll stop now.

Laters peeps,

Ps- got a feeling all the internationals over the last week could really hurt the big clubs this weekend, in fact i've permed everton, boro and wigan at huge prices. Especially with the champions league in the week i can really see liverpool slipping up without torres, and i think cech will be a big miss for chelsea. Hopefully everton can do a hull on arsenal too. Beers on me if they all cop!

Wednesday, 8 October 2008


Recently i just haven't felt like writing. I have wanted to explain how the wsope main event went, but not enough to actually do so.

Pokerwise confidence is quite low at the moment, i need a boost.

I've been playing online a great deal the last week. Same old story. I've gone mega deep after seizing chip leads and playing great, before playing uber-stupid and mostly missing the money. Total cashes have been less than a grand, i should have cleared ten grand easy.

It's all psychological with my poker game. It's not that i can't,dont know how...it's that i don't have the patience nor the common sense to deal with mtt's for hours on end. I genuinely believe it might even be down to a problem with physical fitness making me tired. So i'm joining a gym soon as, starting to swim and am going to get back on the squash court for the first time in donkeys years.

If after all this i'm still playing like an idiot i'll take a great deal of time out of the game. I love poker, i really do. But i'm starting to get depressed with my barren spell right now. Poker is a very lonely game, especially in the middle of the night when you bust out after donking off youyr chips to an uber donk who cant even spell poker, as mr hellmuth might say.

So onto the wsope...so many hands to discuss, so much self bearting to do...will have to wait till tmrw.

Laters peeps,

Depressed Dom.

Tuesday, 30 September 2008


Yeah busted the wsope main event yesterday around 6ish. Will write a detailed blog, including some hands, probably tomorrow. Quite down right now, but am hoping james keys can do a little better. Will be railing from the comfort of my computer, the guy has a great game and a lot of confidence.

Laters peeps,


Sunday, 28 September 2008

50K Day 1A....


Well it's weird how i've swiftly moved through to day 2 on a nice above average stack after the year i've had. After 7 GUKPT'S with no day 2's, im 2/2 on wsope's. Of course this means nothing yet, and boy is there much work to do.

So here's how my day went, obviously won't go into huge detail incase any potential tablemates stumble onto this page, unlikely i know, yet worth being careful.

Sat down 15 minutes late after a rather hectic few minutes after arriving late to the casino. Registering i was scolded for an ID issue, which though resolved was no perfect start. I then changed into the rather nice luminous bluey shirt and set about the day.

My opening table was a mixed bag. I once again encountered the very solid Ted lawson (over $2 million in cashes-and a wsop bracelet), he was on my first table last year, but this time i had the all important position. Max Pescatori was also briefly around before busting, yet the other players were pretty TAG and unknown to me. Basically it was a very nice table to have.

Some poor bloke departed my table within 20 minutes when he was unable to lay down the 4th nut flush on a flushing board, that trumped by the 3rd nuts, both hands perhaps overplayed so deep i'd suggest.

The table got much much harder when chris moorman arrived having doubled up early on another table. Over the day we tangled a few times, something perhaps familiar to last year's tournie early on with a mr tabatabai. Like john he has a great game and is very, very tricky.

Eventually my table got moved to the tv area and were greated by a fellow named Joseph Hachem. I won a nice pot off him with a flush arriving on the river, a hand that i felt proved key as i was somewhat 'off form' for a few hands previously. After that encounter i barely lost another hand and built up from my 25k stack to 50k through a variety of steals, hands holding up and general preflop aggression.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow yet need to get a good night's kip as i expect about 175+ players to be left. It's as if i'm starting all over again, which is fine by me.

Laters peeps,


Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Playing Day 1A....

Just found out i'm starting the WSOPE main event on saturday Day 1a. Quite pleased with that as it mean's if I get through the first day i get a day off rather than having to play through.

Going to write a proper blog in next day or two, right now bit busy.

Laters peeps,


Wednesday, 17 September 2008


Hello all. The last week has been a bit busy. I went out friday night for my birthday, had a nice meal, although the staff at the italian were a little weird. They took a whole 20 minutes to ask if we wanted drinks, and reacted as if i'd broken expensive china when i knocked over a cheap vase, placed clumisly by the side of the table.

Pokerwise it just aint really happening. I need to start analysing hands a bit more as i'm not really playing my A game right now, which is something i need to rectify b4 the WSOPE. Talking of the WSOPE i played a sat for the £1500 side event down the empire last night.

A £50 dealer dealt rebuy brought a 70 player field, with 6 and a half seats available. Early on i realised the average standard on my table was atrocious. Unfortunately, I kind of contributed to the sub-average play. I had decided to play reasonably loose in the rebuy stage as i knew after the break the structure would become a little shooty. I had enough snarlers in my wallet for 3 rebuys and an add on, and i needed every last quid. Didn't win a showdown in the rebuy stage, either finding semi-bluffs snapped off and missing, or losing races with junk. Not finding premium hands shouldn't be a prioblem yet it seemed it.

After the break with 6k in chips I found bluffing was impossible against bad players who slowplayed top pairs to death like it were the nuts, ignoring all draws as if non existent. Reverting to ABC i doubled up with kings after someone got a bit jiggy with a medium pair. Quickly bluffed off most of those chips before with a shooty structure left me with 7200 and 6-1200 blinds and UTG.

Now with 40 left and an average of about 15k i knew a double up wld give me a real chance in the crapshoot. but i didn't feel i could allow myself to go through the blinds. The BB had half his stack in the blind so i reasoned any hand with prospects would be an auto for me, just didn't like my position. I looked down to see A9 off suit and quickly shoved it in. Mid position woke up with AK and that was it, i would have beaten the BB tho as his 47 missed. Now i'm not sure if in a sat i should def shove here. Yet with blinds going up in 5 mins and 6 bb's with an m of 4 i kinda think its pretty standard. I think.

Returning home b4 midnight i felt unsatisfied by my poker's night work and thus fired up my laptop. Quickly busted in 2 sit and go's-my bread and butter too. So decided to change tack and play one MTT on crypto and one rebuy on tilt. Ended up 2nd in the crypto one for a few ton and 11th in the full tilt-amazingly deep rebuy. Was happy with the crypto result, especially as i didn't play great in it, and i've won a lot in that particular tourney over the year.

However, the full tilt result was upsetting. 268 runners in a $20 rebuy brought a $4k first prize. I looked odds on for this as i soon gained the chip lead holding on until 20 out. Yet now my steals became obvious and i started to get 3 bet all the time. Eventually i cracked and played an horrific hand with 11 out. Sitting in 7th with 70k and an avergae of 100k, i was 2nd to act on a 5 handed table. The UTG player raised to 9k,(blinds were 1500-3k, antes 300). Looking down at ad10c i prolly shoulda either mucked or shoved. Yet i bled called and was glad when the others folded. An a54 with two hearts looked okay and i flatted the c bet. The king of hearts didn't look horrid but i felt i had to protect from the flush draw when he ckd, yet he then ck rsd me allin. I insta called as i felt with half my stack in cldnt fold, yet i clearly could. It's clear i'm beat and i haven't felt as bad about a hand i've played in about...2 days. :) He had ah 6 h and had the stone colds.

Seriously though i need to look at playing more patiently and not blowing up so much. 90% of solid play just don't cut it. Gutshot last ever 5 quid rebuy won't be the place to try this out though, so best find a way to qualify for the 1500 on friday. Sit an go anyone?

Off to the gutty's last hurrah now...should be a blast.

Laters peeps,


Wednesday, 10 September 2008


Hello all.

I've been kinda suffering from writer's block recently, thus its not been easy to blog.
Don't know why exactly, i often am guilty of talking far too much in person, i guess online i'm more of a mouse...well sorta! lol

Poker has been up and down as usual. Going deep ALL THE TIME in online Mtt's. Yet i am perfecting the matasouw blow up. It seems getting the chips is easy, getting the chip lead in 100k tournies-easy....yet keeping them and not turning into a huge LAG when i should TAG up a bit-impossible.

I've started 4 betting more and more in my game, i'm noticing ppl 3 betting me with air and finally doing something about it. A few months ago i though 3 bet was a treble and air was just something i need to live.

Played a wsope £1500 side event sat last night. Unfortunately i never really got started. I lost all flow and finally started pushing 3 hands in a row just to attain a stack and an appearance of a 'player'.

I'll be railing my mate james keys online as he tackles the barca EPT over the next few days. The guy has an incredibly good technical game, something i could certainly learn from. Think i have an edge on natural flair though!!:)

The word block has arrived again, so best go.

Laters peeps,


Wednesday, 27 August 2008

GSOP, Online, Paul's Blog...

Firstly a big cheers to Paul Gardener for his write up in the last blog.

Was certainly different to my quick, short and moany versions. Perhaps it will cause a change in my own writing. Very interesting subject matter paul, and good luck with the new blog. I will add the addy to my link section, but for all that would like an immediate link...here you are.


I think paul means to call it 'golden blog' after his nickname, at the moment it is entitled 'my first week'. I think that was the intended subject title of his first post, so change the overall blog title buddy.

Pokerwise things are still crawling along for me. Everytime i take one step forward i take two steps back. It's not that i don't even know i'm playing wrong half the time, it's just that i can't stop myself. Counselling seems the best option and i'm looking into it. :)

The GSOP main event really didn't go well. 4 hours of grinding it out was highlighted by one or two very badly played hands by myself. Got pushed off a hand on the river when i really shouldn't have, the guy showed his inferior holding as i passed-he actually thought he had the best hand which was the clincher.

My demise was sealed with a squeeze gone wrong, sending me out with a wimpy whimper.
Bolton Gukpt is next week, but it could be the first one i miss in 8 months, shame but unless i qualify in the next few days i can't justify buying in for surely the 8th failure running!

Online i am playing well. I find it so much easier, yet less fun, than playing live right now. That is a real shame as live play is something you can't beat, the thrill of catching a fish bluffing, a fish folding too much and a fish going on tilt. Problem is...i might be that fish in live play right now.

Having said all this, I still have immense confidence in my own game, i'm probably only saying all this to gee myself up. Oh my god it worked...best go find a game. :)

Laters peeps,

Dom zee fish

Saturday, 23 August 2008


Hi all as you will probally guess from the inteligent writing and humerous banter this blog is not written by dom but by me Paul " goldenballs" Gardener. Many thanks to my good m8 dom for the invite and privellege hopefully you will find the following of interest and benificial.
Good card reading skills, good opponent readings, patience, luck, game selection, dedication, natural ability, fearless attitude, level headed, positive attitude, timing, focus ...
Well the correct answer would be all of them with many other skills required as well. The one thing missing from this small selection needed to be sucessful Is in my opinion one of the most valuble skills you need to aquire if you want or intend to succeed in the shark invested world of poker.In many poker books it is hidden in the last chapter if anything on this subject is written at all.
The subject i am refering to is BANKROLL MANAGEMENT.
I have been playing 11 years and i have seen many better players than myself disapear from the poker scene due to there inability to manage there bankroll.
There is in my opinion in %95 of the time two reasons for this
(1) They have leaks like horses, roulette, blackjack 2 flys climbing the wall etc
(2) Wrong game selection.

So looking at number (1) these people are not and never will be poker players, what they are gamblers simple as that. They may win quite often at local level say a £1000first prize but then donate most if not all to ladbrokes or gala,s roulette tables. Some may have a little bit of discpline and only donate half of the 1K to the above,
but you can guarentee the money will disapear eventually, either through a dry spell in comps or the inability to resist the urge to reclaim there entry fee from the blackjack table.

Looking at number (2) This is perhaps the hardest one to spot yourself and requires honesty from you. The player enters a cash game or comp with a small bankroll. If you have only a small bankroll say 5k and you enter a couple of grovesnor tour events at £1100.00 a time unless you hit you are going to have to step back into your local level rebuy/freezeout comps but if you dont hit and are a regular weekly player sooner or later you will hit the dry spell and be out of the game due to no funds.
Without being too one sided many people from the above are more than happy to live the gambler/topsy turvy lifestyle and if they are happy with that well so be it but they will never be a sucessful poker player.
So what makes a sucesful poker player? Well its pretty simple really, in fact so simple its childs play.
Win more than you spend and keep a hold of the profit.
Many years ago i went bust through wrong game selection. I was a regular tournement winner at my local casino,s. But through making the wrong decision I went skint I entered the local dealers choice cash game. Now this game is hold em, irish and omaha maximum six cards!!!. The game is frequented by the local chinese and people with more money than i will ever have. It was,nt a major factor that i did not know the basic skill,s required for omaha so no surprise when i turned two years bankroll into chicken egg foo yung . It was,nt that hard really i did it quite skillfully. Reason wrong game selection. I was now faced with a dilema no money, and having never taking any money from my monthly income i had to go part time taxi driving to rebuild my bankroll. Friday and saturday nights driving pissheads round the scenic pubs of the north east not fun beleive me. One rainy saturday night after making a measily £70 i swore to myself if i ever got back i would never make ONE mistake again and i can honestly say i hav,nt. The following years i followed the same routine play comp lose go home, play comp make a profit bank the profit. In these two years i went on a family holiday to vegas and played a comp at the 4 queens in vegas.I there met two people at different times, one for about a 5 mins conversation the other some one who i was sat next to in the comp. I have no idea of there names but the guy at my table was your typical old style american gambler who won the event the previous night for aprox a $15000 pay day. I asked him if he was playing the main event which was $5000 to enter and he replied "not unless i cash in this he replied" oh i thought u won last night came the response " yeah i did but the dice wer,nt good afterwards" A few days later i wandered down to the queens to watch a bit of the main event and struck up a conversation with a guy at the bar.Apparently he had witnessed a bit of my previous comp play while watching a m8 on my table and commented on my play all positive stuff. He then went on too describe how he was a succesful player in vegas and enjoys a fantastic lifestyle(typical american) but the twist that followed shook me. He went on to discuss the time he went skint through playing with the big boys & had to bellboy in hotels for 4 years until he could build a bankroll. Deep down inside it seemed like was me talking to me. Well u can guess that 3 days made me realize what i wanted from poker and more importantly how to do it
As i write this blog 7 and a bit years later i am in a position to afford and play in any event i wish to. Through slightly better than average poker skills but excellent money managment skills ,ever so simple really.
So all you poker players out here ask yourself this. ARE YOU A POKER PLAYER OR A GAMBLER?
I sincerely hope this blog has not come across as too serious but as dom will tell you it is avery close to heart subject. I had the intentiion of blogging some comical and humorous tales from arond the poker scene but feel maybe as this is quite possibly a one of opportunity would take the chance to pass on this infomation. If it benifits one player then it will all of been worthwhile.
As you are probally aware dom is playing the gut shot main event as i speak so good luck m8.

Just to sign off here are some questions that need answering

Q1 will dom ever make the second day of a grosvenor main event?
Q2 will dom ever post a blog as long as this one?
Q3 will dom ever get re-raised before he raises again

Before i sign of think i better explain Q3 as it tells of how i met dom. Playing at Blackpool in 2007 in a £200 side event dom got moved to my table. It was about midway through he comp and this is how the play went. In about 13 of the first 17 hands dom played he raised every time only for someone to reraise which resulted in dom giving a bit of speech play and folding every time!!! In 17 hands we had,nt seen a flop. Anyway on hand 18 dom announces "RAISE 2600 TO PLAY" but unknown to dom some one in early positin had already raised to 6000 the comment from one of the players just had every one in stiches
" fooking hell mate your now getting reraised before you even raise" a classic
The next night in another event i found myself sat next to dom from the start and to be honest felt a bit sorry for him as Big barry neville seemed to be bullying dom all over the table, little did i realize dom was setting him up i just never picked up on it.It was only after dom played his "coup de grace" against the bully did i realize this lad can play
Well as mine host would say later peeps

Quick Recap and GSOP main event....

Played the 100nl gsop festival event thursday. Went deep, eventually finishing 17th, after losing a race. Win that and im top 5 no worries.

Still i was very pleased how i performed, especially considering the 200 event debacle.

Am sitting right now in the Gutshot- otherwise known as 'the hottest place in the world'. The club is literally like a sauna. No matter with this structure of the main event, 'the tightest player' Gus Hansen ever saw should do well.

It's a strange feeling to have immense confidence in your game, yet to beware the blow up...think i'm becoming like mike matusow!

The most important thing win or lose...and i will win...is to be happy with my performance. Finally started reading some Harrington last night, 'when you make a mistake you lose even if you win...and when you lose but play correctly...you win'.

Again this statement illustrates everything about my problems with poker, it's so basic, so standard......yet i find it difficult to put that into practise. Not any more.

Laters peeps,


Wednesday, 20 August 2008

£200 GSOP Tournie

Played the 200nl event last night, stunk it out pretty bad.

After playing so much online recently, sitting down in a live enviroment kinda threw me. Madly, i found i wanted to play every hand, no matter how low the blinds nor the position.

Had quite a tough table, although i felt i had key position on the real dangerous players. Yet, 2 or 3 key hands i didn't play like i would online, rushing in like a bull in a china shop. When i lost a key race i didn't hold on to the rest of my bowl of rice 4 too much longer and was more than happy to go home.

The 100 event will be different. The same structure as the 200 has given me a kind of heads up on how to approach it, early on there will be loads of play, and when the antes cut in it will be time to get the steal on. Again hugely standard, basic poker....yet so complex for me nowadays!!! :)

When i got back in i fired up the laptoooop for a full tilt mtt session. Got myself chip leader again early on and dictated many pots, bullying the shorties. The 17k first prize looked within reach, but i lost a couple of key pots and didn't even make the money-which was pretty bad seeing as how strong i was at the first break.

In another mtt i reached the money b4 gambling on a flush draw which missed, again against the bullets- something that keeps happening recently.

I've basically decided to play the gsop main event this weekend too. Looking at the structure left me salivating, something i hope the gutshot's bad 'air con' unit won't force me into due to heat exhaustion. Their machine they've installed looks like a 1970's mad scientists time machine. Which dsnt work either for time travel nor air filtering!

Trading is going very nicely right now, however i'm kind of worried that once the olympics stop i'll have to start trading the horses and stuff again. Will find that very dull compared to the frantic finishes in the swimming and the like.

Wish i could go to a footie match this weekend, but it would clash with the GSOP, work gotta come first and all. Got a feeling spurs against sunderland could be a good one too.

I am running out of things to say here which is scary as i don't feel i've said that much. Read Alex's martin's blog earlier. The guy can write 4 england. Guess i need to go down the hand analysis route on this blog a bit more, so next post i will...well maybe.

Gotta run....

Laters peeps



Just felt like a quick post seeing as it's been a week.

Not much has been going on to be honest. Grinding it out online-with varied success, whilst becoming addicted to sports like swimming and judo, thanks to the olympics.

My sleep patterns are very strange right now, probably due to living on chinese time. As for poker it's up and down all day long. Keep going deep in mtt's but not deep enough. Led another big tournie on stars 4 a long while on sunday, thought i was on 4 a big score b4 3 bad beats in a row did 4 me.

Tonight i play my first GSOP event. It's the gutshot's best festival imo, and i normally do okay in these events. Will try play the main this weekend too.

In other news a friend of mine asked if he could do a guest blog on here, why not...so next blog may be more fun than my drivel ppl!

Laters peeps.


Tuesday, 12 August 2008

GUKPT'S = 7 played....no cashes...no day 2's....

Luton went badly...as with any gukpt for me really. Yet agin i failed to realise the old adage that you can't win the tournie on the first day...let alone the first level.

Broke my own record by busting within the first hour. Arrived at my table to find Iwan jones, Ian Cox, a couple of other circuit regulars and generally quite a touch table.

However, these things don't bother me. I'll put myself up against anybody in a poker tournament, i know i have more than a good enough game to compete, and eventually win of these things. Yet its all about timing and i don't appear to have that right now. Better get myself a new watch.

Seriously though if i was a car i believe i'd be stuck in gear, i am most certainly in need of an MOT on my live game. Just to illustrate, here's how my tournament played out.

First few hands i fold not wanting to get involved with marginal oop early doors. Looking for hands to play with position i somehow manage to play 2 rags in the small blind to an early raise from a scandi, thus contradicting everything i've just said. Three handed i check raise the low flop-i missed, before fire/folding the ace turn. To massacre a hand more badly would be quite an acheivement although i guess if he folds the turn it's a bonus, yet def a -EV play overall. Then lost a bit with bottom two against a flopped straight, with the nut flush draw, at least i folded on the flop.

So a couple of thou down already i lose another hand where i won't fold when i know i should, for gods sake its 25-50 Dom!!!

Sitting with 7k i build to 8.5k when i take down a 3k pot with the nut flush, Ian cox cleverly keeping the pot small flatting with the 2nd nuts. Then comes my exit hand.

Utg has been limping far too much and players are coming along with relish on the domino rally. As i am UTG+2 I decide to bump it up with KhQh, to try and isolate somewhat against the loosey and at least make the pot less than 8 handed oop. In hindsight my hand can play reasonably well against the rest of the table. This early on top pair isn't worth worrying about, so really i'm looking for 2 pair min to go deep with, so basic...yet so difficult for me to comprehend when i build the pot with my 'premium'.

One good thing about my raise to 225 was that Iwan jones, who has dbld up already with a set against someone who chronically overplayed 8s on a 7 high flop, immediately reaises to 775. This should signal alarm bells as not only is he raising an oop raise but he himself is well out of position.

I've only played against the guy once b4, but everything i've heard about the guy, can see about the situation tells me minimum queens, minimum.

Yet i call pretty quickly, partly not wanting to appear weak, partly hoping to connect huge and get a nice chunky pot against a dangerous player.

A 7 high flop with two hearts looks nice to me, so i check, when he fires 2k into the 1700 pot i immediately push. He insta calls with bullets(no Ah)and i miss.

Just like pocket snowy man i have donated to mr jones on a 7 high flop. Again if i hit, i don't look so silly, yet again a -EV move overall. I don't mind my check push on the flop as if i'm going to play the hand i can't chicken out then. Yet preflop....fold, fold....and ummmm....fold.

Hitting online donkaments like a demon this week. Already gone very deeep on 2 full tilt mtt's without cashing huge. Need to get back to the trading i think too while grinding the sit and go's. I have a 30% roi on ft right now.

Laters peeps.


Ps- Big shout out to my friend alex who made 3 final tables in side events at luton this week, and finished 12th in another-brilliant performance mate.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

'Lovely' Luton....

Here i am sitting in the g casino blogging away, bit bored to be honest.

Won my seat to the main today as planned so don't need to sell any shares. Am playing tommorow...I WILL make day 2.

Boredom is because there really isn't much to do here till tmrw. The casino sit and go's are organised quite shabbily with lists remaining for hours on end. Cash games dominating the scenery. Funny i thought those stt'd wld generate more players 4 the main event, which is surely a good thing.

Booked into the easy hotel tonight. At 30 quid a night its cheap as chips, which is just as good as you get a box with a shower. Still won't be in there much.

Last night was a huge grind online which should have ended profitably but instaed ended with a bowl of rice after throwing away two huge chip leads in nice guaranteed tournies on full tilt.

Still i'm extremely confident about my game right now, even so much that i feel my 200-1 bsq price is value 4 the main. Predictions are possibly foolish but i feel a bit of a rush coming on.

I've added a couple of links to my blog. Both write on the betfair site and are good reads. Personally i feel i need to broaden my vocablary while writing on here. Something that can only be helped by reading other's blogs.

One blogger, mr keys, is attempting to blog every day for the near future. Good luck with that mate, can't say i envy you that task james. There's only so much to say...god i'm dull.....:)and on that note....bye peeps!


Sunday, 3 August 2008

So close yet so far....

Just placed 98th in the sunday million out of 8000+ runners. Was good for a couple of k yet i'm not really too happy about it. Ran really well early on winning most flips and not having my raises re-raised too often.

Eventually got myself into the top ten when we entered the money with 1200 odd left. By the time we were down to 600 i had built to 500k when the average was 140k and i was firmly planted amongst the chip leaders.

Then things started to slow a bit with players re-raising my late positional openings. I had to tighten up quite a bit, living off the occasional squeeze play after suddenly finding mysellf card dead.

Then with 150 players left i had a chance to break the 1 million barrier. A big stack with over a million opened for a normal raise of 3x the bb. The maniac on the button who had been constantly pushing and calling with horrific frequency shoved for about 400k. If the action gets back to the initial raiser i feel he instant calls this guy as he claimed he folded a medium pair as i pushed. Yep i found myself sitting in the bb with ak, so i shoved and find myself up against q8 off-a good hand for the maniac in fairness-when you'd seen his range previously...obviously this is said somewhat tongue in cheek. Of course the queen spiked the turn and i went from potential top 5 to bottom 5. Managed to hop along from then into 98th finally getting it all in with aq against....ak. King on the flop...gg etc.

Obviously my crippling hand isn't a huge beat, just wish i could sometimes run good on those crucial showdowns. First prize tonight was 200k from the 1.7 million prizepool. Nice flat payout structure with an enjoyable blind structure-i'll be playing again. I don't actually play all the sunday comps all that much, but think i will from now on.

On friday i played live for the first time since vegas.I popped down to my 'lucky' casino(the empire) for their 200nl festival event. I found it totally refreshing to play in a casino once again, in comparison to staring at a screen 4 hours on end. Early on i found myself on a potentially tough table with a couple of gutshot players, Nicky P, and Koresh of late nite poker fame. Luckily for me koresh doubled me up early on when his allin call pre with 24 off failed to improve against my ak.

Managed to build up to around 16k from my 5k starting stack when i got moved to another table. Lost a couple of pots there before being moved again with 13k and around 23 bb's. Sitting down on my new table i noticed quite a lag on my immediate right. I managed to get it allin pre on my first hand with a coin flip situation with aq against 9s-which i lost. Although i hate flipping with no fold equity-i called his push- i felt this call was the correct one against THIS player. He ended up chopping the comp i believe, luckily a mate of mine finished 4th giving me my buy in back thanks to a ten percent swop.

With luton gukpt on this week i should be playing quite a bit more live poker. Not entirely sure what days i'll go but wednesday is looking favourite with me having one last attempt at satting into the main. Either way i'll play some smaller side events as i try to lose my gukpt curse of never cashing in one single event. May try and sell some of my action into the main if i play, so if your interested let me know.

Ok i've droned on long enough for now so will leave while i still have some dignity left!


Ps- The new statistical 'dom' is going ok, the sports trading is giving me a regular wage, and seperating it from the poker is proving to be a good idea, now if i could just win some money at poker....:)

Sunday, 27 July 2008

I can't get no sleep....

Well i'm writing this blog at 342am...it's just too humid in london right now.

After my last somewhat 'negative' entry i felt i'd better write up a more positive one.

This weekend i took a couple of days off and recharged the batteries. I've also had a very productive meeting with a few people very close to me. The 'meeting' analsyed my recent results and current precarious financial situation.

Subsequently, i'm going to be far more into statistical analysis from now on, and much more cautious with my bankroll. It appears i have been playing limits too big for my limited roll at the moment. Something rather obvious yet not acted upon before. Not only that but i have been extremely haphazard in keeping expenses to a reasonable amount. This is all going to change.

As i mentioned previously a couple of days ago, i feel i have reached a crossroads in my life. Thus, i have decided to start trading sports properly again and allow the poker to take more of a secondary role, at least for a few weeks to start with.

This should help me to calm things down greatly in my life and refresh a poker game that has become a little stale. I'm looking forward to reading some poker literature and watching some cardrunner videos.....all in the name of research.

It's gonna be fun.

Laters peeps.


Friday, 25 July 2008

Running bad.............

Just bubbled a sat for luton, after also busting early in the gukpt main event.

Confidence is now quite low and i'm almost certainly going to miss my first gukpt main event in months. Spent a fair bit on sats now and certainly can't justify spending much more on them(will try 1 more), and right now don't even know if i really want to.

It's very easy i think to become very disillusioned with poker, especially when you're on a bad run like i am at the moment. I'm sure without a doubt that these moments are the ones that really define you as a player...if you can cut it so to speak.

Gotta be honest and say right now i don't know one hundred percent if i can.

The swings are just so huge, both financhially and emotionally in tournament poker. I think perhaps the time has come to take some time off from the game.

After next week's empire festival, and luton gukpt week the week after, i may take some time off from the game and do some real soul searching.

Trading sports is something i feel there is much less variance in and i may go back to my old 'job' for a period of time.

Of course a big win in the next few days might change my mind but i'm not totally sure if that would be a good thing. A win can cloud over important factors that need to be considered and not pushed aside for a rainy day.

Whilst in vegas i finally realised the importance of adding a solid cash game to my poker 'skills'. It's something that is a gaping hole within my poker game. The lesser the variance in this game the better, and i really can't rely on luck anymore.

After reading james keys's blog the other day i realsied i'm too old to be messing around. He mentioned career choices and spoke of differences in life decisions based on age. Well at 30 i'm at a crossroads in my life.
(1)Do i pack it all in and get a 9-5?
(2)Do i put the poker to one side and concentrate on the sports trading for a bit while disecting my game and reading some books-basically getting back to basics?
(3)Do i say to hell with it all and give the poker 100 percent again for the zillionth time?

Favourite is number 2 right now, but i've a feeling certain ppl i know would prefer i chose number 1-something i really don't want to do right now.

Ok i''ve ranted and raved enough here, hope anyone expecting a detailed 'poker' blog isn't too dissapointed. I just feel my head is a little messed up right now and blogging about it actually helps.

Ok peeps laters,


Raring to go

Have backed myself and a few others for the online gukpt main event tonight, looks sure to be a good one. The structure should suit my game well, providing i don't bluff too early on of course.
Pretty sure i've got a good chance in this event and cannot wait to get started.

In other news...well there isn't much to report really...pretty bored!


Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Back to the grind...

Well since my last post here's what i've been up to...grinding it out online.

Returning from vegas with a gigantic wallet sized hole in my pocket, i've had to knuckle down.

Full tilt, mansion, blue square, stars and hills have all recieved donations from yours truely. To be honest it's been a break even couple of weeks, with the big score always just eluding me.

However, i traded the open golf last week and managed to eek out a nice profit thanks to pod. One of the greatest shots i've ever seen from him on the 17th, awesome indeed.

Have started to get withdrawl symptoms over vegas, i miss the poker rooms and the live action. I really do think it's hard to appreciate exactly what you have available when you are actually there, oh well next time out.

I've been playing the online blue square gukpt festival this week, great structures although an average standard of player higher than usual.

Am playing the main event on friday and am available at 100-1, i hate to tip myself but....ok i won't. Had a bit on though.

Speak soon peeps.


Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Concluding vegas and trying to finish day updates...

Okay so just for my own weird piece of mind here's a round up of all my day updates...

Day 22 Wednesday 2nd july

This day i moved to the venetian, partly to be be totally chilled during the main event, and mainly to please my slightly choosy gf-for whom the gold coast was not enough apparently. In fairness the bathroom's are very small.

I also had a 1k sat at the rio on this day. It was the day i'd decided was my best chance to win a main event seat by far. It was the 'sat' day at the rio and i expected many seats to be available. Funny thing was i registered a little late along with james and rupert who were alongside in the queue, and was subsequently put on the same table as them both. Random hey. However the table wasn't overall that strong and i managed to put a rude yank on huge tilt. I got most of his chips before he busted and was overall happy with my table. Unfortunately my table was soon broken and any flow i'd gathered was soon lost. I arrived to my new table to find possibly the most annoying man in the world on my right. He managed to get half my chips when i should have folded and soon enough i lost a race to an ace on the river for the rest.
Went straight to the venetian and chilled out in my new room, after good ol' dave had helped me move over my stuff.
Met up with paul and gary recently arrived from england in the evening before playing the evening 180. Soon enough i was drinking cocktails at the bar and hit the hay early enough in anticipation of an important arrival the next day.

Day 23 Thursday 3rd july

Met Ulrike at the airport, was extremely happy to see her. A day off poker seemed ideal, although i had little time left to qualify for the main event.
Managed to squeeze in a sit and go in the evening which ended badly after i was outdrawn again.

Day 24 Friday 4th July

Uli's birthday and independence day meant drinks and a nice meal, certainly no poker on this day!.

Day 25 Saturday 5th July

Got up very early on this day with every intention of qualifying for the main event. Arrived in the empty sit and go room and waited a while before busting early in a 500 dollar single table. The time was now 10am and i had 2 choices. 1 was to play another 500 sit and go, 2 was to play the 500 mega sat which had just started. I decided to play the stt and picked up the ticket ready to pay. Suddenly someone asked me to buy a 500 chip at the counter. This incident awakened me, i bought it off him and gave back the ticket to the lady trying to fill the sit and go. I legged it over to the crowded mega queue and finally sat down in the mega sat half an hour into the tournie. Things went very smoothly early and i looked to be coasting to a seat. Then the wheels came off and with 3 tables left i actually said-this year it aint to be, this must have ignited me as i won every race and was suddenly chip leader on the ft with 7 seats available. I then coasted to my seat and was playing on the sunday! Boy was i happy and raced over to the venetian to celebrate with Uli over a couple of beers, only a couple!

Day 26 Sunday 6th July

I've already posted my day 1 report so no real need to go over it again. Basically i ended the day on 35.5k after a huge yo yo day when i should have been felted bar a 'pro' slow playing his hand to death. Slept like a baby when i hit the hay, especially knowing i had 2 days off till my day 2.

Day 27 Monday 7th July

Believe i may have gone swimming on this day, basically chilled and didn't do all that much bar going to the pokerstars party in the evening. Was a good laugh with Uli having a good time which was nice to see. Her support as always is vital to me, and i appreciate it very much.

Day 28 Tuesday 8th July

Another really chilled out day, went shopping and ate a great deal. Made sure i got a relatively early night with day 2 looming. Tried to watch ocean's 13 but fell asleep!

Day 29 Wednesday 9th July

This day started great with a wonderful double up before 3 or 4 key hands did 4 me a few hours in....still hurts. Didn't play enough small pots if i think about it again, still want to post about the pocket 10s hand...but kind of too embarrassed to do so.

After being knocked out i think i had one drink after another with a very understanding girlfriend.

Day 30 Thursday 10th July

Probably should have taken this day off...in fact probably should have stopped all poker on the trip after the main event exit. Instead i played the venetian 500-which i exited after 2 hours, and the evening 180-which i exited after about the same time. Lost out in both tournies to races and situations where i was a big fave...no change there then! :)

Day 31 Friday 11th july

This my last full day was spent shopping and reflecting on what might have been. In the evening we went out with all my english mates and jerry the lone yank. Had a wicked night although both Uli and i drunk too much.

Day 32 Saturday 12th July

Checked out of the hotel with the hangover from hell, flew home with the same.

Ok so thats it with vegas for the wsop 08...can't wait for london wsopE.

As for vegas in conclusion, loved it, hated it, miss it, don't miss it.

That's about it really. It's opened my eyes to so many things in regards to bankroll, poker and life in general. So overall jolly glad i did it for 32 days.

Laters peeps.

London Dom

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Back home..

Well another wsop is over for me. Quite a mixed experience for me over all, lots of positives, but probably just as many if not more negative things for me to look at. Leaving vegas this year i felt certain i'd be returning, but honestly couldn't say when. I have friends who are staying out there for a few months to give it a real go, yet i couldn't say i'd like to swap places with them. That is really strange as before this last month i think i would have jumped at a chance to give poker in vegas a real go. Not so much anymore. I think getting an apartment is vital, and being able to drive, if not near the strip, even more important. So many considerations to look at for me, and it's back to the grind now.

I really want to do a big write up concluding my last two weeks in day updates, but right now i'm drained. Got back yesterday and slept for 14 hours straight. Will get round to it eventually.

Laters peeps.


Thursday, 10 July 2008

Busted from main event...

Hiya all. Firstly apologies if anyone is at all interested but day updates will have to wait AGAIN!
Still feel semi-tilted after my wsop main event exit yesterday. I doubled up early on with aces after someone chronically overplayed poket 8s, ship it. Amazingly the rather old dealer managed to short change me in that pot of a couple of grand, something I only realised a couple of hands later-more concentration obviously needed.
So coasting along with circa 70k i managed to donk off 15k in the last hand before the first break. Weakly playing poket 9s on a 678 board was a sign of what was to come.
My table consisted of about 4 or 5 rocks, about 3 good players and 1 maniac. The maniac caused me to retreat into my shell as the guy was non bluffable, and without cards i had to leave him to it.
Against one of the only decent players on the table i decided to defend my bb with 45 off suit. The q52 flop saw me lead and get called. The 10 on the turn saw me fire again only to meet an allin rr. Another 15k odd gone.
Then a freaky hand occured with poket tens which i'll write a single blog entry about-that lost another 15 odd k too. So with about 20-25k i fought along untill the 400-800 level when i lost half my stack against the maniac with ak, and my full stack against the decent player with aq against queens. Allin pre the flop came 22q, next year folks!
Not massively happy with how i played, but having said that the situations and the cards just didn't run good for me. Not having one going well is okay but when both are running bad i find it hard to progress. Maybe that is something i need to look at, new situations and errrrrrrrrmmmmm new way of playing cards perhaps!
Okay peeps im off to play a 500 deepstack in the venetian now, so best run downstairs.



Monday, 7 July 2008

Ulra quick post...

Boy am i behind with this blog. About a week's worth of day updates to write up and yesterday's recap to give. Unfortunately no time now as i have to run. Just a very quick update to say that i have finally made a day 2 in the main event and am sitting with a smidgen under avergae of 35.5k. With an hour to go I held the princely sum of 5k so i now feel i am almost freerolling. I should have been felted if a player had played his hand properly. On a board of k77 rag rag no flush nor straight poss i held a7. My opponent held pocket cowboys and played the hand very badly imo. Glad i didn't let the situation get to me too much, bar shouting a bit to myself and having to walk away from the table before downing a beer....lol.

Anyway i'll try and do a huge blog tmrw for all you shareholders and anyone else interested.


Saturday, 5 July 2008

WSOP seat won...no day updates yet...

Just won my seat in a sat down the rio. What a hard slog it was. No more shares will be sold at the rock bottom price of 1.0.

Thanks for all that showed faith with investments at this price, your shares will be well rewarded i hope by a good performance tommorow. Now i'm off to chill and get ready for sunday at the rio...main event here i come!



Friday, 4 July 2008

Quick post...no day updates

Hiya all. It's 4th of july evening here and i'm taking my gf out on her birthday. Should be great esp in vegas. As for the wsop main event unless a miracle happens i won't be playing. I've managed to get orders for 3k of the 5k i was trying to sell of my action.
However, that is not enough and unless i get 2k's worth of orders and payments by 12pm vegas time saturday i won't be playing.

No matter, bright lights, sin city and dare i say it...smaller games for now are calling.



Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Vegas Part 6....

Okay before i go into each day's analysis i've got an announcement....i'm for sale.

Well kind of! :)

Basically i want to play the wsop main event but after a tough few weeks and bankroll limitations i cannot justify buying in for the whole $10k.

Therefore i am looking to sell 50% of myself. Shares will be sold in $250 increments. Initially i had 20 shares for sale. Now i have already recieved orders from people out here for about 7 shares with possibly another 4 to come. Thus it's likely i only have about 9 shares left. This is $2250 if you want to buy the whole lot.

Now i probably should sell these at 1.3 or 1.4 of the price or something as i feel i have an edge on the majority of the field with my wsope experience and having played the main event the last two years. I know james keys for example is offering a share in himself at 1.4, but he's a bit better with his roll management than me and thus can afford to charge more.

The reason for my bargain price is simple. The main event starts on thursday and i'd need to buy in before sunday. I don't have time to be choosy. Any purchases will have to be quick and deposited in my bank immediately before i will confirm your share. So go on people, buy a piece of dom and help me take down the wsop main event. It's first come first served, so let me know either through email (dominickay@hotmail.com) or by text. Those of you who are my friends can do either obviously, those i don't know can contact me via the email route.

Lastly, i'm ultra confident with my game right now, just cannot afford to risk so much on one tournament. I have been playing a nice blend of tournies over here in the last three weeks and feel i am coming into the main hot rather than cold, even if not in results terms. I feel fresh and raring to go, so come on everybody....buy me!

Day 19 Sunday 29th

Played my final wsop sat online on this day. Again doubled up early on cruise control before the dreaded net connection hit me AGAIN. After this i was constantly folding hands like kings as i'd be sat out without time to click back in. I lost a race or two and shot out the door. After this i decided to go hit the sit and gos at the rio. There is such huge value in these. I won my first table, well did a chip chop with me getting the big money, and busted early in the other i played. Overall a 4 figure win and a good, pleasing way to end my weekend. Also watched scotty win the horse which was cool yet surreal. I love this place baby, yeah baby!

Day 20 Monday 30th

Played my third and final 1500 nl event of the trip wearing a shirt for an online company. Didn't exactly cover myself in glory here as i went out on the first hand i played. Utg +1 raises to 150 and i am the only caller in the bb with ad6d. I don't know why i called here as i feel i'm springing a small leak with my pre call to an oop rsr with min blinds. The flop came down a610 with two clubs. I checked and the raiser bet out 300. Funny thing here is i think i checked, i actually can't remember doing so and also feel i would have bet out hoping for him to raise, and a check may induce a check behind which i don't want for a number of reasons. Yet maybe the whole hand has become a blur which i've now mumbled and jumbled up in my mind.

Okay heres how the hand went, he bets out 300 perhaps even out of turn, i raise to 725 leaving myself 2125 left of my initial 3k stack. I'm putting his range at possibly ak aq here, or even kings or queens, even jacks, and i'm happy with anything he does here bar perhaps a call. Then i'd be praying the turn bricks, ideally i want a shove as in my mind i'm only losing to a set of tens here. He shoved and i almost insta called. He showed kcqc for the nut flush draw and the gutshot straight draw. He was draw heavy. The ten of clubs hit the turn and the river came another non pairing club, i was out and that was that. Not upset with my flop play as i got the chips in which is what i intended to do in a 1500 event with two pair in this situation. But as i say i'm not totally sure of my pre call. Moving on....

Went and got my washing done after this, lovely lady named Hilda did it all for 20 bucks, saved about 150 on the hotel estimate. Thanks again to my paid skivvy david for driving me to the laundromat, guy is a legend.

In the evening me and a few others hit the very cheesy allin party at the palms. Was sensible with the drinking as i'm here to work not party, something that can wait till after my wsop victory...shares available peeps!

Day 21 Tuesday 1st July

Played the huge value allin tournament where the play really had to be seen to be believed. Eventually after a card dead,
(don't you hate fish who moan about not getting cards)few levels i shoved with ak std and lost a race to jacks.

Found out today how much value i'd been missing out on. The wsop main event sats which i last played 2 weeks ago,(bubbled then....counselling has helped, but it still stings)are getting 500+ runners. Literally i don't think i have ever seen worse players. They would struggle in 5 quid rebuys down the gutshot. Unfortunately, although i fast accumulated a huge stack i lost race after race and ran a flush into a house allin pre. Mr keys is still running well in it though and with 14 seats available has a great chance of cruising through bar disasters as he has built a decent stack.

Off out now to play the venetian 180 which i've not played for a few days, choppped this one twice since i've been here, lets make it third time again!

Laters people.

Dom (who has at least 22.5% available to sell in the main event)

Saturday, 28 June 2008

Vegas Part 5...

Day 14 Tuesday 25th June

Wow my memory is getting bad out here. It's a real struggle to remember what i played on this day. Well i'm pretty sure i played two events at the venetian. Yes i did, one was the noon $300 deepstack event which brought chips early before a table move brought a constant stream of near misses, lost races and general annoyances. I finally departed after being forced to reshove a late position rsr with k7, i had fold equity at this point. He held jacks and it was done and dusted soon enough.

Played the evening tournie quite well accumulating a very large stack early on again. Unfortunately i was again moved table 4 times, really hurting my flow. Eventually i pushed my 9 bb stack blind from lateish position before recieving an insta call from ac4c in the bb for at least a third of his stack. Great call dude, ace on the turn defeating my 96 off.

Day 15 Wednesday 25th June

Planned to make this trip's first visit to binions this day. Fancied playing a little 200 tournie they were holding. Unfortunately i wasn't able to make it and instead went to the mall. Was nice to see something other than a casino, although my restricted budget left me admiring items rather than purchasing them.

Played in the evening in the venetian 180 lasting all of about 5 minutes. Interesting hand actually, probably one i could have thought about more at the time. People have said to me it was a cooler flop but im not sure. Hand went like this:

5 minutes in i have 4500 after losing a medium pot in one of the first couple of hands. Starting stack is 5k. Blinds are 25-50 and a player limps from early, i find aq suited in the hijack. I make it 250 as i want the button here. Limper is the only caller. Flop comes down 442 rainbow, limper checks, i think of betting but instead check behind, im not really scared of the flop but dont want to be check raised here and i have position. The guy looks like he can play a bit and is quite young looking. Probably a net player. Turn brings the ace again a rainbow flop, i'm now loving my hand. He checks again and i fire out 325 into the 575 pot, i'm not looking to scare him off here and want him either to call and float me or check raise. That's exactly what he did and i make the fatal mistake of not even looking at his range here, i'm just thinking how many chips can this guy give me here. In retrosprect i should considering his range here and 2s, 45 suited, 43 suited, even ace 4 have to be considered. But now i just insta call his raise of 1200 total. There is now circa 3k in this pot and i have 3k back. River brings a beautiful queen. Now if he has ak i'm winning and i'm kinda happy when he bets 2250. I don't even think and shove, he insta calls with his 45 suited. Yeah it's a tough spot to be in, but note to self for future reference-consider the range...ALWAYS!

After this i ate some food with mr keys and headed over to the rio to play a sit and go. We both signed up for a sit and go on different tables. James won/chopped his tough 525 table which included jeff kimber and karl from the hit squad. I also chopped my 325 table which was a lot softer although my suck out with 4s over queens was a nice help. The guy took it badly though kicking a vchair after he'd prematurely fist pumped the turn....i just knew the river would curse him after that. So 3 handed i asked the other 2 for a deal...as the short stack somewhat cheekily. The drunk american chip leader refused though and it was sweet when my aces finally cracked his monster 45 on a 975 flop. Two left we did a deal with me getting 66% of the winnings. Was a nice way to end the day. Also got a nice bit of news about a potential sponsor which was even nicer as i headed home.

Day 16 Thursday 26th

Had a breakfast meeting at the wynn on this day to discuss a little deal with an online poker site. Money for old rope if you ask me and i'll be wearing their top in two wsop events. Nice people too.

Got to the venetian two hours into there 330 deepstack. Just couldn't get started though and kinda stunk out this one. Really don't want to be running kq into kings, and this was all of my own making. Next tournie...

Went to the rip to play a sit and go after this. Signed up for a 275 alongside my mate marc. Again played this one poor and ran ace5 into aq. Not my finest poker day that was for sure.

Day 17 Friday 27th

This was the day i had to decided to give the sit and gos a huge grind. Unfortunately the crowded rio had other ideas, with queues of up to an hour just for a sit and go. My first was a very tough 525. All the donks were soon knocked out leaving 4 of us. The other 3 guys were all young,very good internet players. I held my own though and actually felt on top of the game. Bankroll restrictions came to the fore in my head though and i accepted an okay deal 3 handed. I got 25% as did the other short stack, to the chip leaders 50%.
My next sit and go was a completely different story. The 275's are great value. Almost all the players in these don't know how to play, in this instance with no exception. The only problem here was i went on dealer tilt! This dealer was possibly one of the worst i have ever encountered. Just to give an example she saw no need to ask players to turn cards over in allin situations on the flop 3 handed, and put side pots in the main, and generally lost control. The final straw was when i was all in pre called by a super donk with kj. I'd turned over my cards yet he'd only shown the jack as she started to deal, i was like can you PLEASE turn over his other card. Of course he won and i was off to complain. I'm sure she was new but even so i don't think she should be dealing at the world series if she doesn't even know basic rules. Rant over and sorry for being such a whiner:)

Day 18 Saturday

I'm sitting here now having busted from the 1500 nl event. I'm really in two minds over my play here. Found myself very card dead early on only picking up ak which ran into ak!!!

When my table got moved i wasn't devestated as it was quite an agressive one. Spots were hard to come by with much bigger stacks controlling the dynamic. My new table seemed a little softer although they all had my 1700 stack covered as level 3 was drawing to a close with the 1-2 level about to become 1-2 with 25 ante. I also noticed we were next on the break list. With 10 bb's i shoved with ak suited utg. I showed it hoping to gather some fold equity before we were broken. In the bb one guy limped from the cutt off. He seemed quite a nervous young type,one i felt was limping with a wide range hoping to hit. I put him on something like ace 9 or jack queen. He had 3k back. I'd already decided with 500 in the middle i was shoving if the sb folded. He duely did and while performing the not needed looking at my cards i saw i held mr negraneu's fave hand 107 off, well if its good enough for danny....

The guy thought about 30 seconds before calling off 60 percent of his stack off with kq off. Horrible call in my opinion, if he's going to play kq that way why not raise pre instaed of limping. Horrible play was rewarded by a king on the flop and a fist pump on the river. However, I'm thinking i could have found a better spot here and have found most people shaking their heads at my shove here. Well its probably a marginal for me but i'll think it over.

Just heard james won a 525 sit and go over at the rio, lucky fish!

Gonna go eat then play some sit and go's. Probably play either caesars tmrw or give a wsop sat a good go online. Prefernce at moment is for the latter but it could go either way.

Laters peeps,

Ps-Thanks celtic/vinny for your comment on my last post, proof at least that someone is reading this blog. It's a hard slog this you know...all the sunshine and poker-horrible life:)

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Vegas Part 4....

Day 11 Saturday 21st...

Boy was this a dissapointing day. I turned up at the venetian bright and early...well 15 minutes late as usual actually...for their 12pm 500 deepstack. Immediately, with blinds at 25-50, i sensed a maniac at the table after he'd raised to 450 on the first hand. I won that hand with ak, although in hindsight i probbaly shouldn't even call pre. Just with 12,500 starting stack i felt like seeing a flop.

While we played the first few hands i got chatting to the guy from brooklyn on my left.He was a fun chap, and made me laugh on numerous occasions. A nice change from my constant arguments...no matter, had one of those in the afternoon...but more about that later. So as i was chatting away i noticeed certain players had an addiction for limping. One player had a particular penchant for limping like a pensioner with a rather unsteady walking stick. As blinds moved up to 50-100 this guy limps utg...again. I see a8 of clubs in the small blind and complete too. Big blind (my funny new york buddy...who wasn't really a player), then announces he'll jam it up to 450, but throws in 850. Now limper immediately throws in 850, like he has aces.

I make it clear the bet is 450, and the original bettors amount is corrected.Not sure if limpers 850 bet should stand though, kind of complicated and didn't really think of it at the time. Probably should though i think, as although he's mistakenly called-without saying call- a wrong bet, the chips have gone in, a raise for me. But anyway if its 850 i fold, but for 450 total i call hoping to flush up. Flop come jc 3c 7d, i check with every intention of check raising. Big blind duely bets 800, but limper now makes it 1800. Now with circa 4k in the pot and about 13k back for me its a insta push. I have them both covered by about 2.5k,

New yorker gives bit of a dwell, b4 folding ace jack, now limper thinks for little bit, remember its for all his chips and we haven't even hit the hour mark. Yet he calls off all his chips with king jack...brilliant. Can see how he might have guessed my hand yet still don't think he should call here, even still the limp call oop is the worst part, pretty damn poor....of course i missed. Got it allin with kq soon after against 97, flop king high, turn and river 97...gg well played etc.

Went down to the rio afterwards for the 3pm $500 megas wsop sat. immediately it kicked off. Sat down and ready to play the FIRST hand, button seat 1, seats 2 and 9 are empty. The dealer starts to deal, all of a suddeen seat 2 turns up and throws his id and seat card to the dealer. Now i'm in seat 3, and think this guy shouldn't be in the hand, literally i think all the cards had been dealt once he'd thrown his stuff. Yet the dealer lets him play and it gets heads up in the blinds with him and I. The hand plays out with me turning a straight and him rivering a flush. Now the fun starts. Ive lost like 20% of my stack on this cooler hand so understandably am a little, 'wow that was a harsh hand'. Now seat 1 pipes up and starts giving me his opinion and saying how i should not complain as the best hand pre won. Yeah, whatever mate, go back to the playground and stop trying to play with the big boys, i really don't wanna hear his opinion.

Then the thing blows up. The dealer announces seat 2 is supposed to be in seat 9, so he just gets up and moves his chips with him like theres no problem. Meanwhile the real seat 2 comes and sits down in seat 2. Now i'm angry with this and ask how this can be possible.

-The guy shouldn't have been in the hand as imo he turned up too late to play the cards.
-The guy shouldn't have been in the hand with me in the blinds as he was in the wrong seat.
-Nobody seems to care about it bar me!

So I complain and ask what if id been knocked out on the hand, surely the dealer has made a terrible error here. He calls the floor over. Meanwhile seat 1 starts piping up again telling everyone, especially me to chill. Apparently he knows all the rules, thinks the situation is hilarious and no biggie. So i should just chill dude. Another few gigglers have started telling me the situation is now irrelevant and i should just...chill. Floor rules that as action has taken place seat 9, muct now return to seat 2, and no further warning/comments are made to either dealer nor player. Only seat 9 apart from me seems irritated by it. My point is this. If i'm knocked out on the hand is that fair? Surely the dealer should not make an error like this., Eventually he apologised, and i appreciated that, but it would have been nice had it been immediate and the floor a bit more forceful, especially with the player for not double checking his seat.

So after the floor has left and more cards are dealt, the giggling contnues. Seat 1, a young ozzie continues with his all knowing opinion on the situation. I ask him to be quiet and inform him he has the poker etiquette of a pig. His constant laughing about it, and verbal prodding really got to me.I left the felt and went outside to detilt and down a beer.

Refreshed i made a move an hour later against a fish who had limped into a multi way pot with aq, my jam with kq getting insta called by the poker genius who clamied hed called off most of his stack as he put me on ace jack. Yeah right mate, thats a great way to play ace queen. especially coming from a guy who bet 4k into a 450 pot with top two on a three spade board, first to act, real great play:)

All this sounds very bitchy but its not meant to be, im over it all now, just trying to reflect exactly how i felt at the time. Went out for a few beers after to forget my luck on the day and had a nice evening.

Day 12 Sunday 22nd


Chilled watching tv in room, ordered room service not leaving the room all day.

Day 13 Monday 23rd

This was the day i played great. Didn't make anything but restored huge confidence to my game. Firstly i dropped down a level to play in the 200 at caesars rather than the venetian 500. Instantly i noticed the standard was even worse than what i was used to. Limp, limp, limp was the table motto. So i did the opposite, even causing one rather mature lady to comment, 'do ya just ever call junior....'...nah!

So i doubled up(through stealing etc) on this dream table and was devestated to see the table broken. As i joined my new foes, i was greeted by an english guy who said he'd 'never played with a poker celebrity before!!' Wow someone has actually seen the wsope, had few comments on the british circuit, but first time someone's mentioned it over here. Me a celebrity, yeah right, still nice thing to hear, means i can probably get some moves through too.

I donked off half my stack with two pair oop against a better two pair, but soon replenished it against the same table captain type player. He was playing most hands and had the chip lead on the table with about 33k.I had about 20k and the blinds were 3-600. Now came my exit hand.

He raised AGAIN from the cut off to 1600 and i squeezed from the cut off with j9 off suit making it 5400. He instant called. Flop comes down 945 rainbow. I push, he has a set of 5s, gg wp. Dunno about his call for 3800 more pre, at more tham ten percent of his stack to call he should be pushing or folding according to the math.

Scooted over to the rio and played a $275 sit and go, with a 100 buck last longer bet. We got 4 handed and did a deal on the last longer bet. Then i knocked out the short stack and we did a further deal on the 2620 prize, each taking 500 and playing for the 1120. I managed to trap one guy by suspiciously raising a limped pot with queens, he pushed with a2 and hit his ace. I battled back from 400 chips to get it all in with aq v q10. The 10 soon sealed the deal though. The nicest thing about this sit and go was the compliments i recieved from the dealer and the other players. Apparently i'm 'one of the best' the dealer has seen and 'one hell of a player', these blind dealers and poker players are so nice:)

Played the 330 evening rio tournie which is very very soft. The only problem is by the 300-600 level the structure gets very shooty. Played well depite being largely card dead, and unfortunately lost a crucial race. Next time this one's mine, with a 20k first prize its a juicy one with players who can't play!

Promised some non poker content last time out....


Need to get out more i think ppl.

Next time:)

Speak soon


Saturday, 21 June 2008

Vegas part 3....

Day 7 Tuesday June 17th

Boy this seems like weeks ago and i can barely remember my results. This day was very dissapointing. I played the $500 venetian deepstack event like a terrier. I can barely remember a day when I have played better poker, flawless by my standards in fact. Of course i managed to get unlucky a few times and soon turned my nice stack into a bowl of rice within sight of the money. Got it allin with ak against ak and queens, the ace on the flop no match for the smiling lady also flopped on the felt.

Think i also played the evening tournie, but with my mind not with it, it was no surprise when i shipped it in with the nut draw only to miss.

That night i felt very down and so went out for a few light ales to forget...suffered the next day i can tell you :)

Day 8 Wednesday 18th June

I moved out of the imperial palace with the help of a lift from my mate David. Thank god he was around as with the hangover I was suffering from i'm not sure i would have made it to my next hotel.

As I checked into the gold coast I literally crashed out for the rest of the day. Or so i thought i would.

Waking up around 9pm i decided to jump in a cab and play the venetian $180 8pm. They allow late arrivals up till 945pm odd, and seeing as id won it turning up 90 minutes late, days previously, i saw no reason, now suddenly refreshed not to give it my best shot.

And yeah peeps i took it down again-well kind of. We got 5 handed with the clock showing 3am and plenty of play left. The problem was one guy had 60 percent of the chips,turns out hes a bracelet winner, impressive results from cple of years back- Anthony Reategui, profile below.

Anyway as the money jumps were steep a chop was done, with him getting a deal i truely regret, bad negotiations by me. But the 2200 bucks were nice to have and i went home happy.

Day 9 Thursday 19th June

Watched Germany beat portugal-well done Uli:)

Pokerwise this day really hurt. I played very well, floating, maximising strong hands and generally moving my game to another level. This was the day of the $330 deepstack at the venetian. I was always chipped up bar one small stage in the middle when i had to hit after getting short. In the money with 45 left i was around tenth in chips and well over average. I could smell the 50k first prize, the average standard of player was poor and i planned on stealing and reraising the weak. Unfortunately a fish who could not lay down a hand to save his life did for me in two hands. I'm still too upset to really go into too much detail, the 12 hours spent playing not really comforted by the 450 bucks i received.

Still i was playing well and expected the big cash to arrive soon.

Day 10 Friday 20th June

Today was the day i almost hit the rail. I probably should have taken this day off. However the 700 runner 340 dollar caesars mega stack called me too loudly.

Unfortunately i had a nightmare table. Someone i had previously encountered on my last vist on las vegas was on my immediate left. Now this guy had history with me and to put it mildy was one loud, brash american. He just wouldn't shut up talking about how great he was and how bad the rest of the table was. He started to mimic me, as he had done previously in october and even the headphones didnt help as he still got in my face.

Before long i realised his plan had worked and id bled off 60 percent of my chips. Concentrating i started to focus. I played 3 hands very well and soon became chip daddy on the table. The rude american was bluffed by a young player and found another target. Unfortunately even after his wonderful exit i was still unable to really play my A game.

I just think i should have had the day off. I played one hand very badly and then lost a race with a short stack, i basically played poor. Went to the rio and played a sit and go, and played that even worse. So now I'm back at the hotel and evaluating where i go from here. I may take tmrw off depending on how i feel. Its 2am here and i am 50/50 over whether or not to join the saturday donkaments.

Okay guys, thanks for listening to my drivel, i promise more non poker content next time...just a couple of weeks till the main event....can't wait...providing i play of course.