Monday, 3 September 2012

New Blog post this week!

After taking a vow of silence for far too long I shall be writing a blog post this week. Will be nice to start this up again. Dom

Friday, 2 July 2010

Wanna, Clda...Can't....

Need to blog about so much.

Just really can't be bothered as it will be a huge entry due to missing all of june.

Been to vegas since then and had a small binkage.

Im bk home now and will blog some poker, strange ppl to sit next to stories and general merriment tales- prob on monday, jetlagged right now.

Laters peeps,


Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Been feeling a bit confused since the weekend. I returned from the UKIPT festival with 2/2 cashes after gaining huge stacks in both comps, 1 final table, 1 tv appearance, a first attempt at some poker commentary...and a general feeling of dissapointment.

The main event cost me less than 60 quid to get into via sat, and i managed to amass a huge stack early on day 2. Obviously this must have given me a nosebleed as from then on treading water would be an understatement. I found the increase in quality impressive, the lack of cards and situations annoying and my lack of gear changing infuriating.

By the money bubble i put new meaning into the word bowl as i limped into the min cash territory. Coming back with 7bbs is surely something only some1 who's just lost a huge pot or a super nit can proudly do. Well i lost no huge pots and certainly don't want to bothering with poker if im the latter.

Drowning my sorrows is something i consistently seem to do at these events, direct debits to the bartenders from my account would be an actual option. My over reliance on alcohol has become apparent and it stops now, i managed numerous arguments with friends over trivial subjects, that's going to stop.

Arriving back on day 3 with my bowla patrola was an experience not enjoyed, especially when i misclick folded while committed in the bb recieving huge value to a rse and a shove. I was just hungover and slightly bewildered at everything, that changes now too.

After pocketing my bowly cash for 61st, i entered the afternoons 300 and soon set about blinding myself down while enjoying the boxing on television. Then something clicked and i arrived at 112k going into day 2 with few left. Day 2 brought the inevitable crap shoot but again my gear changing was more mini metro than Ferrari. I limped onto the final table with..yep you've got it- 7 big blinds and went out first in 8th after a small amount of tv time. The chance at spending ten minutes commentating afterwards was enjoyable and my weekend was done.

Overall a profitable week, but a non satisfying one, while again drowning said sorrows at bar i discussed at length my inability to kick on with huge stacks. Lack of full value from premiums and an inability to 3bet in certain situation are two standard things which i may be delving into.

Managed a dull train ride home on the monday, i'd hoped for tales of adventure and shame, but even then i let myself down. Oh well lets get this post more positive, it's vegas soon and im gonna start building a decent roll. I aim to crush whilst sober, and will gear change so much i'll get put on top gear.

Laters peeps,


Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Managed to snag a seat, via an online sat, to the UKIPT in dtd this week. Im playing day1b and cannot wait to play a really decently structured live event. I have been working very hard on my game of as recently, so i should bust a little later into day 1 this time.

I promise to blog some tales of fun and woe when i get back.

Run good 1 time please, this is kinda like a vegas sat for me.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Quick post...

Im always in a rush, i can never slow down and just chill, everything has to be done like yesterday, even this long overdue post. I mean im sure i'll write a proper entry b4 the end of this month, there seems so much to say, yet there's never enough time, well there is, just not in my crazy head.

Hardly played live at all since my last entry, bar popping into the international and throwing away 99% of the chips 3 handed, of crse it's just because i don't actually seem to like money. It's again related to making decisions too quickly and not slowing down and just thinking, i am literally snapping ppls heads off when i should breathe in and consider, does this 100 year old man really have a bluff in him?

Online its been an up and down month, the stts have been really a tough old grind recently, the standard is improving, and again, yeah im becoming impatient. My mtt game online is gaining momentum mainly due to picking better spots and generally tagging up, while also massively pressing certain situations. That big win is so due that i feel i will have it sooner than ever...there i go rushing again.

I haven't been all that well this month, and therefore have been watching football constantly, i swear my gf will throw the sky box out the window one of these days, oh well at least that's an excuse to get a sky hd one...

Laters peeps,


Wednesday, 24 March 2010


Been up to a bit since my last post. I played the blackbelt live tournament, went mega deep in the sunday warm up and have been to staffordshire and back.

The bb tournament at the vic was great value, lovely structure for a very small relative buy in. Thus loadsa play against an average player weaker than the levels would normally attract. The first few levels saw me bounce up and down, yoyoing around without much direction, and although large stacked by the dinner break, i didn't feel i'd played 100 percent +ev.

The odd decision i made too quickly, used to the online timer binking away, live poker is so much easier-note to self, enjoy the experience and relish the time your allowed, plus the constant flawed decision making of yr average live donk.

Eventually i found that i had let the blinds catch me up, and after losing a huge pot to the eventual runner up, i grinded the rest of the day with a bowl. My main mistake was not getting my chips in during the last level more often, coming back with a 15bb stack on the sunday was not my idea of fun.

Two hands into that day i managed to make an appaulling fold when i should have been fistpumping all in, and 1 hand later my ace rag was fouled by the ladies. Still it was a fun experience overall and fair play to neil and co for putting on a unique tournament, roll on next year.

As im staked for the warm up and the million im regularly going deep, last sunday was no different, and after being in the top 20 for most of the warm up, i really felt on for a huge score. Things didn't go my way late on though and again i got blinded down and eventually ran a5 into kings. Making moves at the crucial points is something i might need to step up on, otherwise this 46th finish for again a bowla could become far too familiar a feeling. But like i always say, it will come, and soon me thinks.

Finally and most amusingly comes my weekend trip to staffordshire. Now after a very busy week trading and sweating the cheltenham festival, for very little reward, i couldn't wait for my friday-monday trip back to my old haunts from university. Friday afternoon i jumped onto the virgin train, anticipating my prebooked seat and looking forward to a nice kip b4 i arrived in2 stafford. This was not to happen, and i managed to get in a right ol stress about everything.

Now when you book train tickets online, they send you roughly 772 pieces of paper per ticket, and it was with these former tree parts that i found my train 'ticket' with my seat reservation upon. C52A it said, this seat however did not exist, carriage C only went up to 50. I walked up and down the train trying to make sure i hadn't misread anything.

Eventually with the train going at full throttle and no visibly free seats bar reserved ones i jumped into a couple of the reserved seats. Within seconds two ppl kindly asked me to leave. By now my heavy bag was causing me some annoyance and i was sweating rather profusely. I went over to the nearby shop area and asked the lady to get an inspector or something, secretly i was hoping virgin's screw up might get me a free upgrade. The lady radioed the manager and offered me a free glass of water, i think i looked a stressed state, very smooth.

The manager turned up and promised to find the seat that didn't exist. He took my wedge of tickets and walked off in a direction i had been down many times. When he came back he informed me i was looking at another seat reservation that i had from stafford to stoke, not from london to stafford. I felt slightly embarrassed and asked where my actual seat was, that's the problem he said, there actually is someone sitting in your seat. "Please ask him to move i asked", he said he had already informed the man who had claimed he would move along from the window seat i so coveted if i turned up and asked.

Fuming from my own mistake and sweating like i was bluffing with 3 high, i stormed off to get that prized window seat. Im sure all this had caused a commotion as the entire train carriage appeared to be watching my every move. Turning up at my actual seat i was met by a little person who also had no arms. Going redder as each pair of eyes burnt into me, i 'graciously' refused his request to move and sat next to the poor bloke who had to use his mouth to turn over the page on his newspaper.

The rest of the weekend went nicely, stayed at my friends in stafford, before going to the spurs stoke game on the saturday. Beers were had on the saturday night in town and the headache was deserved on the sunday. On my journey back early on monday i checked my train ticket 63 times before finding it empty and available.

Laters peeps,

Dum dom.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Long time no words...

Again i just don't feel like writing but feel i should do. The weird thing is that anyone that knows me knows that i talk too much, i literally don't shut up, obviously this blog is the anti me.

Febuary was a weird month, again barely played live and grinded online like a demon with okish results. Since the start of march though i've played the international poker festival and built huge stacks in each event, yet only min cashed once. That was down to a combination of lost races, fancy play syndrome by myself and one outers from my opponents.

This past sunday i finished 40th in the sunday million for a relative bowla, and the life changing cash amount eluded me once again. But it will come, i know it will. I've plugged some leaks and feel more confident about my game than ever before.

I'll try and update this blog some mnore this month, otherwise it's becoming a monthly episode of a dom moan here and there, best to do it on a more regular basis. :)

Playing the blackbelt live trne on friday that has sold out, looks fun.

Laters peeps,